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Opening Hours?

We are open trading almost as normal. Customers are allowed into the store but must adhere to 'Social Distance' guidance. Our surfaces will be regularly cleansed as will any bikes test ridden. We will still require all customers wanting to test ride or get service/repair work to book in prior. A handful of important criteria to meet but otherwise OPEN FOR BUSINESS !!!!

Why ride an ebike?

Sooooooo many reasons. They’re fun, you can keep up with fitter friends, you can explore further and for longer. You can replace journeys that you are currently doing in a car. I could go on for hours!

Do I need to pedal?

Yes, but trust me, you’ll want to. With ebikes you’re in the driving seat so to speak. Only want to pedal a bit, then put the pedal assist up high. Got lots of energy? Then set it low and get more exercise. Its all up to you.

Yeah, but will I get exercise?

Absolutely, more than a traditional bike because this one you’ll actually take out of the garage and ride!

Can I get spare parts for my electric bike from you?

Yes we can source most parts required for the electric bikes we sell. We are interested in seeing you keep your electric bike on the road so will provide the support required after you purchase your bike. 

While you may not have any issues with buying a lower value ebike from another retailer or online just be aware that in many cases the retailer may not be able to supply you parts to keep your bike on the road. Buying an ebike from Northland eBikes means you can be sure that you will be able to service your bike and keep it on the road.

Do I need a license or registration to ride an electric bike?

No you’re all good without one. If the motor on your ebike is only up to 300 watts then you don't need a licence or registration.

What sort of life can I expect from the batteries?

Our advanced Lithium Battery Packs will last 5 or more years, sometimes longer, depending on use. The batteries on all the bikes we sell have two years warranty, which means the manufacturers are standing by their product. 

The business has sold hundreds of eBikes in Northland over the last eight years and have only had to replace half a dozen batteries.  Some of our customers with eight years old bikes are still riding them happily.

Does the battery recharge going down hills?

No. Most eBikes sold in NZ don't charge the bike while you are riding it.  You can get 40km - 120km from charging the battery with the charger. Charging while riding will only provide a fraction of this amount and possibly slow you down while riding. The opposite of what an ebike is supposed to do! So its not really worth charging while riding. 

Does the motor slow me down when not in use?

Not in any of the electric bikes we sell. The brush-less motors have an internal freewheel so the motor is stationary when not powered. This means when you are not using the motor, there is no resistance from it...  your bike performs exactly as a bike, as there is no extra friction. In some other eBikes in NZ there is no freewheel, so friction builds once you are over about 20kph.      

What is the difference between Cadence sensor and a Torque sensor?

Pedal assist is a sensor mounted on the pedal crank which senses when you are pedalling, and how fast you are pedalling and supplies motor power to suit...   it is a little like cruise control on a car. 

A Torque sensor is a bit more sophisticated and generally used on more expensive ebikes.  It measures how hard you are pushing on your pedal and offers motor power to suit. This system is often described by users as and smoother and more intuitive than a cadence sensor but it does come down to personal preference of the rider.

Is there any way to secure or lock the battery when I leave my electric bike parked or do I have to take it with me?

On our eBikes the battery is key-locked onto the bike frame and is totally secure. Naturally you still have the choice to unlock it and take the battery pack with you.

Can the bicycle be ridden with just pedal power?

Yes. The choice is yours - pedal power or battery and pedal power. The latter actually achieves the best results; just bring in the power when you need it...  hills, head wind, late for work. Our ebikes also ride fine with the power turned off...   No resistance from the motor.

When should I re-charge batteries?

The battery can be charged after every ride, or when it is flat. Lithium batteries don't discharge much at all over time. And small charges are fine too. No need to fully discharge before each charge...   Lithium batteries actually prefer shallow discharge, so top up charging after each use is a good habit to get into.

How long does it take to re-charge the batteries?

This depends on the ebike, as the battery sizes vary. Normally between 4-6 hours to fully charge. But only 1 - 2 hours if you have ridden say 20km.

How far will the bicycle travel between re-charges?

Again, depends on what eBike and battery you purchase. However, most of our bikes will get 50km to 80km of pedal-assisted biking per charge.

Can I ride in the rain?

Yes. Our electric bikes are weatherproof. Be aware though, they are NOT waterproof. Riding through deep water that will submerge the motor could cause the system to fail.

Our off-road bike have cable connectors that meet the IP67 rating

However while light rain is going to give you no problem, persistent or driving rain might. We do not recommend leaving any bicycle out in the rain including an electric bike. If the bike is going to be exposed to extended rain you should use a bike cover and seal all connectors with insulation tape and shield other electrical components from driving rain. 

What maintenance is involved?

Beyond standard bike maintenance, there is very little extra required. Just ensure moving parts are lubricated and that electrics do not get submerged. 

All our electric bikes have LCD consoles with self diagnostics, so, should something go wrong, e.g., a throttle is damaged when the bike falls over...   you will get a specific error code on the LCD console which will tell you what component has failed. All our components have marine rated plugs close to the component, so it is very simple to swap in new ones.

Cheap ebikes have no such plugs so a simple task becomes a day-long nightmare... unthread internal frame cables... then somehow rethread the new cable (often impossible without cutting other wires, etc.

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