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Join the Revolution

We Are eBikes!

Hello! We’re Cameron ​and Donna and we are new ebike enthusiasts. We ride ebikes, we own ebikes.  We loved them so much, we bought the entire store!

We’re a locally owned and independent retailer of ebikes.  We source all our ebikes through NZ based distributors and stock a wide range of ebikes to suit most needs. We started riding recently and have not looked back, Maunu hill has never been so joyous to journey up.

We with you have joined the ebike revolution.

Opening Hours
9am - 5pm
Tuesday - Friday
9am - 5pm
10am - 1pm
09 430 7982
59 Clyde St, Whangarei

What’s all the eBike buzz about?

There are so many reasons to Join the revolution and let the fun begin:
  • Coast or whiz instead of crawl through slow, heavy traffic.

  • Are your cycling partners always fifty meters in front or stopped for a rest break while you’re still grappling with the hill? Not anymore!  An ebike allows you to keep pace and keep getting out there.

  • Can seem to fit that gym visit in? Exercise while you commute and fill two needswith one deed.

  • Who’s a cool cat? You are!  If you want to ride to work but there is no shower? With an electric bike you can just cruise if you choose - it’s ‘no sweat’.

  • Don’t have a bucket list, make a bike it list instead. Heart surgery, heart attacks, knee and hip replacements can’t keep an ebike rider from feeling like a kid again.

  • Studies have shown that riding an ebike makes you a more awesome person. Ok so we made that up but we kinda think there is some truth
    to it all the same. Research has shown that ebikers ride longer and more often than traditional cyclists.

  • Ebikes are good for the soul because happiness it just a bike ride away

  • Lost your license or can’t drive due to development or health issues?  An electric bike gives you the independence and freedom to get around on your own. Here at Northland eBikes we are a WINZ registered retailer.